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African Church Hired A WHITE ACTOR . . . To Play Jesus . . . During Palm Sunday Church Service . . . And There's OUTRAGE!! (PICS)


There is a serious online debate and outrage going on right now after a White man was allegedly hired by a church in Uganda to play the role of Jesus Christ for Palm Sunday celebration.

This year’s Palm Sunday celebration in Uganda is being criticized harshly. Palm Sunday is the start of the Holy Week and the day Christians celebrate the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. In many countries, Christians act out the moment when Jesus arrives in Jerusalem. During Palm Sunday Mass, palms are given to parishioners who carry them in a ritual procession into the church. The palms are blessed, and many people will make them into crosses or other items of personal devotion.

During the reenactments, a donkey is used instead of a horse to represent a humble person coming in peace as opposed to arriving on a horse - an animal usually used in war.

But the Ugandan celebration is receiving criticism from people who accused the organizers of projecting the image that Africans are inferior.

They should have just hired an African actor. There are plenty of actors in the country who would have been more than capable of playing Jesus. We think he looks ridiculous. The church should have known better.