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Conor McGregor may well be spiraling out of control, and this week, he went viral after surveillance footage surfaced of the boxing champ punching an elderly man in the head.

As if that were not shocking enough - the reason McGregor reportedly assaulted the elderly man, was because the man turned down a drink offered to him by the professional brawler.

McGregor is seen in the clip pouring drinks at The Marble Arch Bar on the afternoon of Apr. 6. A few minutes later, he is seen pumping his fist in the air before throwing a jab at a man seated at the bar.

Police spokesperson Kyle Stewart told ESPN that investigations are ongoing and that no arrests have been made. 

Over the past year, McGregor has gotten into trouble with the law for several brawls. According to reports, he is currently under investigation for an alleged sexual assault in Ireland. McGregor has not been charged.