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Tyrese Posts Support For Ellen Degeneres

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Tyrese is the newest celeb to post their support for Ellen Degeneres, whose daytime talk show is on the line following allegations of a toxic working environment.

"Someone get this message to Ellen! Thanks! If I could call her on the phone I would say the words.. Elephants don't swap flies.. They just keep walking... God made the feathers on a ducks back to somehow have the water to roll off and not penetrate...," he wrote.

"People in this town and fans will build you UP.... As they watch you climb ALL the way UP the ladder they will stand at the bottom of that same ladder and pull out there biggest GUN and shoot you in the ass over and over and over until you fall... You are MADE FOR THIS..... This too shall pass..."

Several celebs including comedian Kevin Hart have spoken out in defense of Ellen.

Should she keep her show?