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Tyrese On Beef W/ The Rock: It Came Down To Survival

Tyrese headed to the Fat Joe Show, where he was asked about his famous public beef with The Rock.

"It really just came down to survival," he said, denying there is any "beef."

"I'm a hood n*gga that will protect survival at all costs. And so whatever the politics was, whatever happened, however it happened, you know, I was very vocal about speaking up and speaking out. It's not anything in me to say anything new about that man. Um, I wish him the best, he's a great father and now a husband."

He says he harbors no ill-feelings toward the Hollywood actor.

He continued, "Literally if you look at footage or photos all over the internet, I mean, he's a giant bear, like he's just a great, great guy with a big heart, and we just kinda got into a situation that ended up playing out for the world to see."