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Tyrese ISN'T BROKE . . . He Just Bought A New 25,000 Sq Ft Mansion!! (PICS)


Remember last year when Tyrese Gibson was crying about being BROKE. You'll recall that he was asking to borrow money on Instagram. TMZ reported at the time that the R&B singer/actor, "dissolves into tears at times and other times shows bursts of anger. He tells TMZ he is no different than an everyday Joe in Chicago who is fighting for his child."

At the time Tyrese said, "he was going broke defending himself in court, paying huge legal bills. He says that's why he's so angry at The Rock, who's doing a spinoff of 'Fast & Furious' that is delaying the 9th installment of the franchise by a year. Tyrese says he desperately needs the paycheck."

Well apparently now he's back on his feet. Ty and his wife recently showed off their new 25,000 square foot Atlanta mansion. He told People magazine:

“To me, it just so happens to be 25,000 square feet,” Tyrese says. “It happens to be six stories, which is a lot, but it doesn’t feel that way when you actually walk in. As you kind of move throughout the house, from one room to the next, it has this warm and very homey vibe.”

The home has 10 bedrooms and more than a dozen bathrooms, and some other cool stuff:

There’s not just a mini Optimus Prime in the first-floor home office but a large-scale Optimus in its own covered shelter in the backyard, by the pool, and a towering replica of Bumblebee in the foyer, to greet visitors.

Here's a video of him describing the new home

Here is a pic of the home

Here's another pic