Tyra Banks Unveils Her NEW FACE . . . And She May Have JADA PINKET-ED HERSELF!!!

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Tyra Banks unveiled a new look, and an apparent new face at last night's Billboard Music Awards. And it looks BIZARRE.

Tyra has spoken ot publicly about her multiple facial surgeries. She admitted toa nose job, and botox, and countless other surgeries.

But her latest procedure has done a lot MORE than the others. Tyra actually looks like w whole NEW person.


Multiple publications are reporting that 44 year old Tyra had a ball at the Billboard Music Awards. 

Hollywood Life said that:

 The model’s hilarious dance moves, reactions and one-liners were made into epic gifs that made their way around the internet, of course! Tyra’s dramatic commentary about Demi Lovato and Christina Aguilera‘s performance of “Fall in Line” was one of the first moments to go viral. Her fact literally lit up as she the meme caught her saying, “That was powerful!”

The Victoria’s Secret alum had everyone laughing when she met BTS for the very first time. She posed with the seven-member band where she propped her hand up on her hip and the other by her face, as she made a total meme-worthy face (as seen below). Tyra herself even reposted the meme because she was so excited she had finally met the pop sensations. “Meeting BTS is… better than smizing,” Tyra tweeted.

Other gifs floated around the internet, which showed Tyra jamming out to the many performances while sitting in the audience. She sang, made gaudy facial expressions and honestly, just lived her best life. One thing is for sure after seeing Tyra’s BBMAs night out — She is the person you want to attend a party with!