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The paparazzi caught up with Tyra Banks yesterday - and the pics of her not wearing makeup have gone viral.

Many on social media are surprised at just how bad Tyra looked without her face done up.

Tyra Banks, 44, looked the opposite of her "Life-Size 2" character as she stepped out with no makeup and a dressed down casual look. 

Tyra was seen out in sweatpants, a casual t-shirt, and sneakers as she goes to lunch with her son York and her mother Carolyn.

The Inglewood, California native spoke about her new movie earlier this week. She's starring in the Life-Size 2 sequel that she is both acted in and co-producing.

Tyra starred in the original 2000 ABC television movie that starred a young Lindsay Lohan, 32, as tomboy Casey Stuart whose Eve doll, played by Tyra, comes to life.


yra's appearance came after she dished about secretly dating a 'very famous recording artist' during an appearance on What What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Thursday. 

The TV presenter made contact with the mystery musician via her private messages on Twitter and they went to great lengths to avoid their relationship being detected.

Speaking to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, she confessed: 'I love DMs. I dated a very famous recording artist because he hit me up in the DMs.

'But, I would go into the restaurant first and then he would go in after, or we would go into restaurants that nobody knows. And to this day, you guys don't know that I dated this guy. And he was a DM slider.'

The Life-Size 2 actress declined to reveal who her mystery man was, but she confirmed he wasn't Hotline Bling hitmaker Drake.