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Former SUPERMODEL Tyra Banks Is Photo'd Out Taking MODELING PICS . . . Does She Still GOT IT . . . Or Is It Time To HANG IT UP!!! (PICS)


Tyra Banks was spotted posing for an impromptu iPhone photo shoot at the America's Got Talent filming in Pasadena, California. The model was seen posing up in front of a wall as an assistant happily snapped away.

Tyra's been in the modeling game now for more than 20 years, and she still LOOKS GREAT.

Tyra returned to America's Next Top Model after an outcry from fans of the show.

“My social media was really blowing up,” she said “We [Ken Mok] had a lot of spirited conversations of him really wanting me to come back and me being not so sure, but then I started seeing the feedback on my feeds, and I couldn’t ignore it, and so finally I called him. It was kind of an uproar," she told Variety.

When speaking to the publication, she reflected on past decisions.

"This isn’t a regret, but I wonder — I was making a heck of a lot of money being a Victoria’s Secret model back in the day, and it was very risky for me to say no to a three-year contract that was on the table again. “Top Model” was doing well, but it was still new, and my talk show hadn’t been renewed yet because I just started my talk show, and I said no to that Victoria’s Secret contract. Of course, it all ended up okay, but if somebody that I was mentoring asked me what to do, I’d say ‘Girl you better sign that contract and do that talk show at the same time!’ It was risky. In hindsight, of course it worked out, but I don’t know if it was the best decision at that time to put all my eggs into one basket — well, two baskets."

Judging by the way she looks now, we think she would STILL make a great Victoria Secret's model.