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Tyra Banks Now A 'FAT GIRL'; Caught Eating Fried Ice Cream & Chicken Sandwich!

Fifteen years ago, supermodel Tyra Banks donned a fat suit for her daytime talk show as a social experiment. With her fat suit she was 350 lbs and gauged people's reaction to her as she went shopping, ran errands and attempts at dating. 

At the end of her experiment Tyra had the luxury of taking off her suit and returning to her svelte supermodel figure. Now, fifteen years later and fans on Twitter are saying that Tyra's become FAT FOR REAL - no suit needed - and are stunned by the turn of events.

Here are some images from 20 years ago, when Tyra wore the fat suit on her daytime talk show:

And here's what she looked like on the last episode of Dancing w/ The Stars:

Tyra recently gained a reported 100 pounds, since her days as the host of America's Top Model. And if you look at her IG page, you can clearly see HOW Tyra managed to pack on the extra weight.

Her page is filled with images of the most unhealthy and fattening foods on could consume.

In one pic, she showed herself eating a fried chicken and ice cream sandwich, which was drenched in honey.

And here she is, talking about how people should eat large amounts of ice cream for breakfast: