Tyra Banks Body Shamed After Gaining 50 Lbs - Explains What She Eats!


Tyra Banks has been body-shamed all over social media in the past month or so, because of her recent weight gain, MTO News has learned.

Tyra, who was once a supermodel is believed to have put on as much as 50 lbs and now getting close to what is considered "BBW" size. And people are body shaming her over it.

Last week, super-popular Blogger Jason Lee said that Tyra is so big that she's approaching the size of pop singer Lizzo. Lizzo is close to 300 pounds.

(see above video)

Tyra recently recorded a video, where she described what she eats and based on that, it's clear why she put on so much weight.

For breakfast, the former model eats pretty healthy. She typically has coffee without milk or sugar and a bagel with cream cheese for her first meal.

But then things go down from there. Tyra confessed on camera that she eats up to 9 bags of snacks - chips, cookies, etc each day.

Tyra explained her complicated relationship with food, saying "[Eating] is one of the most important things in my life. A lot of the things I do in my life, and my hobby is food."

And all that eating is definitely showing. According to online reports, Tyra is now 250 pounds, and she gained 50 pounds in the last 6 months.

Here she is talking on video: