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Rapper Tyler, The Creator, has spoken out about the time that his fans booed Drake off stage after he tried to fill in for Frank Ocean.

Tyler stopped by Kerwin Frost Talks, where he opened up about Drake's failed Camp Flog Gnaw performance.

"Everyone thought Frank was gonna be there, but I never said he was or implied it or anything," he recalled. "Drake came out, and a couple of people were mad. Everyone's having a good time, but there were a few people in the front who were just not f*cking with it."

He continued:

"And then when that happened, and these muthaf*ckas is like 'F*ck you!'... It's like a reflection on me to Aubrey. It's like coming to my house, and then my kids start peeing on your leg, and then you start looking at me like 'Dawg, get your f*cking kids, bro!' But that's they fault that they thought what they thought."

After the incident, Tyler took to Twitter to scold his fans for reacting that way to Drake. Drake responded by joking, saying he had signed a ten-year contract to perform at the festival.