Tyler, The Creator, appears to have cleared up any speculation surrounding his sexuality, admitting that he enjoys women - but usually ends up sleeping with their brothers.

During a recent interview with GQ, Tyler did not shy away from questions about his preferences, telling the outlet, "I like girls - I just end up f*cking their brother every time." 

Although many will chalk it up to trolling, for several years, Tyler has hinted that he likes men and has "come out" several times.

 GQ profile Carrie Battan wrote that "he rapped about his romantic involvement with men — without bothering to stage a coming-out moment," in reference to his previous album, Flower Boy, which addressed same sex relationships. She added that, "These days he can be so over-the-top about sleeping with men that it still seems like a joke." 

Whatever his preferences, his fans have been rocking with him all the way, and his most recent album, Igor, reached the number one spot on the Billboard charts, beating out stiff competition from several artists, including an irate DJ Khaled.