Tyler Perry's 'ABUSIVE' FATHER'S House BURNED DOWN . . . And The Authorities Say . . . That The Fire Is 'SUSPICIOUS'!! (Was This KARMA . . . Or Was Someone Trying To KILL HIM??)


According to multiple sources, the St. Helena - the Louisiana home of the father of actor, director and comedian Tyler Perry - has been burned to the ground. Officials are calling the house a "total loss."

The home belonged to Emmitt Perry, Tyler Perry's father, who was home at the time and reported hearing some popping or crackling sounds coming from the attic.

Fortunately, he made it out safely.

Authorities are investigating arson as the possible cause of the fire.

Tyler Perry told Oprah that his father physically abused him. According to the Oprah website, "For years, he says he suffered brutal physical abuse at the hands of his father and severe sexual abuse at the hands of several adults."