Tyga Is WINNING!!! He Just Got His FERRARI REPOSSESSED . . . So Look At The NEW RIDE . . . That Suga Mama KYLIE Bought Him!!!


Tyga is in the midst of a financial crisis. He's getting SUED left and right, and his cars are being repossessed also. Luckily he's got a sugar mama named Kylie Jenner.

TMZ reported yesterday that Tyga's new Ferrari was being repossessed. Well Kylie went to the Bentley dealer and bought him the new Bentley $400K SUV. Peep it.

Tyga's financial issues are many. He was sued by a store landlord who says Tyga abandoned his Last Kings retail clothing store without paying five month's rent and leaving $75,000 in repairs costs.

Tyga was also ordered to ay $80,000 in back rent to an ex-landlord on a personal residence, and was reportedly also sued twice by a different owner for skipping out on payments on Kylie Jenner’s Calabasas home.

At least he's got a sweet ride to get to all his court dates.