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Tyga's relationship status just got a lot more complicated - MTO News confirmed that he's currently dating Tristan Thompson's baby's mother Jordy.

In case you are keeping score, Tyga is Kylie Jenner's ex-boyfrend and he also has a baby with Black Chyna (Cairo) - who also has a baby with Rob (Dream).

And Jordy has a baby with NBA player Tristan Thompson (Prince) - who also has a baby with Khloe Kardashian (True).

So yeah, it's pretty complicated.

Tyga and Jordy were together at his birthday party at Delilah nightclub in West Hollywood on Monday night. According to our snitch, Jordy and Tyga are not very serious yet. Right now they're just "seeing where things go."

But Jordy's pal says that she's "open" to building a relationship with Tyga.

In case you want receipts - we got em. Here's a pic with Tyga, Jordy, and two of her friends.


Here are more pics of her: