Tyga Is COLD BLOODED . .  .Posted New Pic . . . Suggesting That He Could Be KYLIE'S REAL BABY DADDY!! (Look At The PICS)

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Last month there were reports that Tyga was asking for a BLOOD TEST - to see whether he was Kylie Jenner's daughter Stormi's biological baby's father. The Kardashian IMMEDIATELY shut down those rumors.

Well this weekend, Tyga may have just STARTED THEM UP again. You see Kylie posted a pic of her and daughter Stormi together. Then, just a few hours later Tyga posted a BABY PIC of himself And in the pic, he looked STRIKINGLY SIMILAR to Stormi.

But as we've said before, Kylie has been faithful to Travis too – so there’s no reason that ANYONE should question her son’s paternity. But fans are not convinced. They are determined to link Tyga to baby Stormi.

"stormi and Tyga do look alike😂😂😂 just face it."

"definitely looks like Stormi!!!"

"Stormi all in his face 😂😂 get yo babyyyy"

"Look just like Stormi IM HOLLERING"

"yes just a girl version of him damn! Paternity test"

"stormi looks so cute in this pic!!"

"fml you look like stormi I need air"

Tyga needs to quit playing on social media and get a DNA test if he's so sure Stormi is his. 

Do they look alike? Take a look at baby pics of both Tyga and Stormi below.


What do you think? Should Travis be worried . . .