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SMH! Tyga Got His SON King Sued For RENT MONEY . . . He Used The Child's IDENTITY . . . To Get A LEASE!!!


Tyga wins the WORST FATHER OF THE YEAR award. TMZ is reporting that Chyna's baby's father just got sued by his landlord - Mezhgan Hussainy. She rented her Verely Hills mansion to Tyga for $40K a month - and Tyga stopped paying.

The landlord is actually the former fiancee of America's Got Talent judge, Simon Cowell.

But get this, she's not just suing Tyga. She's also suing his son King Cairo - because Tyga put his name on the lease. What we want to know is why he would put his son's name on the lease? The only thing we can come up with is if his credit was so bad; he needed his 5-year-old son's cosign.

Tyga initially moved into the mansion in March of 2017, but Hussainy now says that he stopped paying rent in January and hasn't made a payment since. Maybe he needs to focus on his bills rather than lowkey claiming Stormi Jenner because it's unlikely that he could even keep up the child support payments.

It seems like Tyga is always getting sued for not paying his rent. By putting your son's name on the lease and getting him sued is a new low.