Two Texas Police Officers Are FIRED . . . After They're Caught . . . Having S*X While On DUTY!! (She Texted Him 'Give Me That D*CK At Work')


Two San Antonio Police Department officers have been placed on "indefinite suspension" after authorities say that the officers repeatedly disabled the GPS units on their patrol vehicles and engaged in sexual misconduct with one another - while on duty.

The officers who were fired are Officer Eman Fondren, a four-year veteran of the department, and Officer Rebecca Martinez, who had served in the department since 2010.

The two got caught when Eman's WIFE caught the two - and leaked the steamy text messages that the officers shared:

Officer Rebecca: You may need to give me that d*ck at work. I'm craving you.
Officer Eman: ... I'm sure it will still happen.
Officer Eman: "It is kinda 'risky' lol just sayin (sic), I'm down for it tho (sic).

Police say that the two officers then broke into a friend's home - while on duty - and had relations on her bed. After getting caught, Officer Eman wrote:

"Oh damn lol that's funny. I mean besides the cum on her sheets, jeez we're better than that lol."