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Two more women have come out alleging that Extra star AJ Calloway s*xually assaulted them.

This summer, the Entertainment Reporter published an article that contain allegations that AJ was accused by a former friend Sil Lai Abrams, of s*xual assault this summer. Sil Lai claimed that AJ s*xually assaulted her back in 2006.

AJ denied Sil Lai's claims when the article was initially published.

Well now two other unrelated women have come out with similar allegations, according to a Daily Beast article.

One of the women is claiming that in 2011, AJ s*xually assaulted her in West Orange NJ. The woman is currently working with police to possibly bring criminal charges against AJ.

The Daily Best confirmed that the West Orange police is investigating the claims.

Here's the story of another woman in her early 20s. She claims that AJ pressured her into a date, and when at his house she claims THIS happened:

“We started making out. And I knew I wasn’t having sex—I knew adamantly I wasn’t having sex because I won’t have sex unless I’m in a committed relationship. So, you know, even though I’m kissing him, I’m thinking, this is the first date, we’re just making out a little bit—because I’ve never even had sex on the first night with someone.”

“Even though he’s tall and he looks skinny, he has some weight to him,” she explained. “He’s heavy, you know, and he put his whole body weight on top of me. He kept trying to open my blouse. He really was going for my skirt, and I was literally pulling my skirt down because I was not going to allow him to go any further. And he thought it was a game or something because he kept laughing and giggling and I’m like, no, stop, stop. And the more I said stop the more he got aggressive, and that’s when I started to realize, oh my God, this is serious. Like, he’s really going to try and force me to have sex with him.”

“I just remember trying to push him off of me, and this went on for 40 minutes straight,” she continued. “Me attempting to push him off of me and fighting to keep him from taking my clothes off. Eventually he got tired, and I think it’s because he was so intoxicated—it was wearing him out.”

“And I just remember him pulling his penis out and he began stroking himself and he kept trying to put my hand on his penis and eventually he ejaculated on my hands.”

AJ is currently employed by Extra.