Two Brothers MURDERED Landlord . . . Because Behind On RENT!!

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Two brothers in Chicago are facing first-degree murder charges after police say the men strangled their landlord.

Authorities say that Tony Green, 22, and Elijah Green, 25, strangled their 76 year old landlord - and left his body in a sewer.

On Aug. 3, the police claim Tony and Elijah hatched a plan to lure their landlord, Vasudevareddy Kethireddy, to the apartment they were renting from him.

Police say the brothers owed the elderly man rent, and wanted to kill him to get out of paying.

For two days, the brothers called Vasudevareddy multiple times complaining of a leaky roof. When Vasudevareddy finally showed up at their apartment on Aug. 4, Tony led him to the back of the unit and his brother jumped the elderly man - and choked him to death, 

Authorities say that the brothers then stole $1,600 in cash from the dead man and his car. The alleged killers are believed to have used Vasudevareddy's credit cards at nearby businesses after his killing.

The investigators started working with Chicago police and the city’s water department after learning that someone had used Tony Green’s cellphone to search how long it takes a body to decompose in sewer water. 

Vasudevareddy’s body was eventually found in the sewer on Friday, prosecutors said. Elijah Green was arrested at the brothers’ apartment the following day, and Tony Green was taken into custody there on Sunday.

Both brothers have since admitted to being involved in the plan to kill Kethireddy and hide his body, prosecutors said.