Twitter Weighs In After Khia Challenges Trina To A Battle

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Khia hopped online to challenge rap star Trina to a battle.

"Oh, I wish somebody would do -- who want to try me like that?" Khia said, and after the person on the phone suggest she battle Trina, Khia accepted the challenge adding, "I got 285 hits to put on your ass."

Twitter says Khia would WIN the battle...

We doubt Trina would accept her invitation anyway.

Khia has been coming for Trina for years.

She addressed Reginae Carter during a 2017 episode of the Queen's Court:

"That's how far me and your daddy [Lil Wayne] go way back. Back to a time when your step mama Sour Puss [Trina] was f*ckin' your Baby," she said. "You know, no she's not the baddest because she f*cked your mama and your daddy. That don't make her the baddest, baby. That make you a damn fool to even bring her up. Now, since your mama didnt tell you that she was swinging with your daddy and your step-daddy, Baby, I'm gon' be the one to tell you: don't bring that up no more baby. Don't bring that up never again."