Twitter Want To 'Cancel' Rich Dad-Poor Dad's Robert Kiyosaki For 'Racism'

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Leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement are trying to cancel Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki, for allegedly "racist" comments MTO News has learned. The Asian-American author caused a firestorm recently, after making disparaging comments about the Black Lives Matter protests.


For the past month, protesters around the world have been rallying in support of Black Lives Matters following the murder of an unarmed Black man named George Floyd by a police officer.

In a now-deleted tweet, the Asian American businessman wrote, “WTF. Why do we worship felons, losers, weirdos, and people without power or success?”

He then defended police officers who were the target of the protests.

“Why do we attack our police who protect us from these losers?” He questioned. “Why do our gutless leaders kiss the losers asses? The police should take a month off. Let the losers and leaders kiss each other’s asses.”

Kiyosaki went on to discuss inequality, stating, “How to end inequality. Free college [degrees]. No test required. Free mansions. Free Ferrari’s. Free healthcare. All police fired. Fed prints trillions so shoppers can shop till they drop. Free food.End taxes. Shut Washington down. The Elites dream of utopia. My idea of Hell.”

Black leaders have been going in on the business leader now for days!!

The Grio pointed out that: 

The line that particularly struck a chord with me was “why do we worship felons, losers, weirdos & people without power or success?”

Do you mean the people who you’ve made your money and fame off of? The people whose pockets your programs rape under the guise of empowering the underdog? Those people? To feign ignorance of the oppression and systematic killing of Black people and people of color who fill your conferences, buy your books and programs, and build around your diluted content is irresponsible and criminal.

To pretend you don’t see our struggle while your brilliant marketing is built around exploiting our struggle is disgusting. However, with this revelation I am thankful. I am thankful that I was able to come across your content at a young age, digest it, and share that knowledge with others. I’m thankful that I became so inspired by your book that I went and wrote one of my own.