'Juvia's Place' is feeling the wrath of Black Twitter after they retweeted racist beauty vlogger Jeffree Star after he picked up one of their foundations during a recent shopping trip to Ulta.

Star's review was over 25 minutes long, and despite allegations of racism, he has millions of followers - and 'Juvia's Place' could not wait to repost the Jeffree's glowing review.

“If you wanna try something that’s very full coverage this year, or you want to look sickening all summer and look like a doll then try it out and let me know how you feel,” said Jeffree. "I’m thoroughly impressed.”

But their fans were not happy. And for good reason.

In the past, Jeffree has been accused of using the n-word repeatedly and he even allegedly referred to makeup guru Jackie Aina as a “gorilla.” He issued an apology via his Youtube account following the backlash.

"I think that racism is a very serious subject — especially in today’s world. I’m embarrassed as a person because that is not what I’ve ever stood for," he said. "I’m all about self-expression, self-worth, and self-love. I think it’s awful that you guys have to see me in that light. I am so sorry for my words. I am so sorry you ever had to see me like that…that is not who I am and I apologize deep down to the core of my f*cking being."