Twitter Turns On Virgil Abloh Over Tacky Pop Smoke Album Design!!

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Pop Smoke's label unveiled the album cover for the late rapper's upcoming posthumous album, designed by designer Virgil Abloh, but fans of the artist hated the artwork so much the label is having to go back to the drawing board.

Fans blasted the artwork as "disrespectful," "tacky" and an offense to the artist who was struck down far too soon -- and a plethora of memes dominated the timeline, mocking Abloh's work.

Label head Steven Victor tweeted they are "MAKING A CHANGE. B R B. H E A R D Y O U," before offering up a lengthier response via Instagram.

"As pop's label & as his friends/family, it is our obligation to bring his vision to life," he wrote. "he wanted virgil to lead creative, we fulfilled his wishes however, unfortunately, he's not here to give his final approval his fans, are. You know why you love pop your voices are loud and clear he loved his fans and listened to his fans."