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Twitter Tries To CANCEL Rosario Dawson For Allegedly Abusing Trans-man


Twitter is trying to cancel actress Rosario Dawson, alleging that she's anti-transgender MTO News has learned. And last night, the actress was the number one trending topic in the world.

According to reports, news of an old lawsuit between Rosario and a trans-man went viral - and it has people calling for her boycott. Her critics are also asking that she replaced for her role in the Star Wars show, The Mandelorian.

In the lawsuit, the trans-man claims that Rosario and her family jumped him - because of his status.

He also alleges that the actress and her family subjected him to transphobic harassment and violent abuse, according to the suit filed in a Los Angeles court.

MTO News has confirmed that the suit alleges that Rosario and three members of her family violated Dedrek Finley’s civil rights by discriminating against him for his transgender status. The suit seeks damages for that as well as battery, assault, emotional distress and several other allegations.

Here are some of the posts on Twitter: