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Thandie Newton's daughter Nico Parker attended 'Dumbo' red carpet premiere and viewers thought that they were seeing double.

Social media could not get over how much 14-year-old Nico looks like her mother, and some even accused them of being the same person.

'Dumbo' is Nico's first acting role and she's getting ready to take the industry by storm.

"When I was younger, in my friend group, I was quieter. I wouldn’t really step on anyone’s toes," Nico told Teen Vogue. 

"As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that if I think I’m right, or if I know my opinion, I’m not afraid to stand up for what I believe in."

Read some of Twitter's reactions to her red carpet debut below.

Watch the trailer for Nico's debut movie, 'Dumbo' below.