Twitter Thinks Phaedra Parks' Relationship w/ Medina Islam Is Fake!!


Tahiry Jose and Vado aren't the only couple to grab viewers' attention during this season of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition -- as Twitter thinks that Phaedra Parks' relationship with actor Medina Islam is fake.

Several weeks back, Phaedra confessed that she and Medina had not had sex despite dating for several months.

Earlier this month, Phaedra explained why she didn't rush to sleep with him.

"Medina was definitely totally against it, but for myself, I needed to know him in an intimate way outside of a physically intimate way because prior to Medina I dated a guy in Chicago. And that was a long distance relationship and it was very passionate, but when we became physical, it hindered us getting to know each other intimately on any other level," she told Hollywood Life.

But Twitter thinks their love is all for the cameras -- they don't believe they are together for real.