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People on Twitter can be so cruel...

Pauly D, the 39 year old reality star, from MTVs The Jersey Shore is going viral this morning because folks on Twitter are saying that the reality star is aging badly!

And it's not just his face and skin that's aging poorly - it's his hairstyle also.

This is the image that's gone viral on social media.

Here's what he looks like now:


Pauly D, real name Paul D. DelVecchio Jr, is a reality star and a celebrity DJ. He is best known for being a housemate on MTV's reality show Jersey Shore.

DelVecchio was cast in 2009 for Jersey Shore. He has stated that his being chosen for Jersey Shore had nothing to do with his music, but that they instead sent him a Myspace message after liking his look. After he sent them his number, "The casting directors called me from LA and they said they wanted to send down a camera crew to Rhode Island to film a day in my life. They filmed me at the gym, filmed me tanning and filmed me going to the club. Six months later they said I got on the show. I never really auditioned."

In August 2011, he announced a pending three-album deal with 50 Cent's G-Unit Records and G-Note Records. This deal was later confirmed by 50 Cent on December 1, 2011. He is also the first of the Jersey Shore cast to get his own spin-off show, The Pauly D Project.