Love After Lockup viewers are used to the extraordinary, but viewers are concerned about "creepy" Vincent - especially after he admitted that he adopted the prison wife of his fiancee Amber Eggers while she was in jail.

During a recent episode, Amber is seen chatting with the mother of her prison wife (whose name is Puppy) about Vince's adoption. He reportedly did so, so that he could claim her as a dependent and they could all cash out.

Vincent is actually a member of the military.

Unfortunately, the adoption did go through, but Vince cannot claim for any benefits as Puppy is still in prison - but he's now legally responsible for her.

Amber has not slept with Vincent yet, despite him buying her a new bed. She seems creeped out by him - not that we blame her. Viewers also think that Amber may have been using him and is actually a lesbian and not bisexual as she claims.

Here's what Twitter thinks of Vincent: