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Kylie Jenner is suspected of undergoing the controversial "rib removal" surgery, by hundreds of her fans across social media. Rib removal surgery is a cosmetic procedure where doctors remove a woman's ribs - to create the illusion of a smaller waist.

The rumors of Kylie having ribs removed kicked off yesterday, when new pics of Kylie hit the internet. 

In the pics, Kylie Jenner was seen leaving Polacheck's jewelers in Calabasas wearing a patterned print jumpsuit. 

Kylie showed off her new exaggerated curves while hopping in her ride.

And the unnatural nature of Kylie's curves kicked the rumor mill into overdrive.


Rib removal surgery is extremely dangerous - so much so that it is considered illegal in the United States.

But doctors overseas - especially Mexico - routinely do the procedure.

Amanda Lepore - a celebrity with an extremely small waist - has publicly admitted to getting the surgery. Amanda told a mag, "'I've had my boobs done, and my lips done, my bottom lip reduced, and my bottom rib broken and pushed in—I think Raquel Welch and Cher did that, too. It's illegal in the US, but I had it done in Mexico. They break the floating rib in the back and push it in, so there's no scar."


In other Kylie news, Klauber Brothers, Inc., a 161-year-old lace company, is suing the Kylie and her sister Kendall Jenner for copyright infringement, alleging that their fashion brands used copyrighted lace patterns in the design of two of their items.

Klauber, which was founded in Germany in 1859, is specifically taking issue with two items: the “Kylie Thong Panties” sold at Kylie Jenner’s official online shop, and a slip sold under the Kendall + Kylie brand, according to court documents obtained by TMZ.

According to Klauber, the waistband of the Kylie Thong Panties utilizes the company’s copyrighted two-dimensional lace design, while the slip utilized one of Klauber’s other lacy patterns.