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Twitter: Stevie J Has 'Black Eye' After Wife Faith Evans 'ABUSED' Him!! (Pics)

Last week, R&B singer Faith Evans was arrested and accused of "beating" her husband - reality star Stevie J. Now for the first time since the arrest was reported, Stevie J has re-emerged.


And MTO News has learned that according to many on Twitter - he appears to have a black eye.

Stevie posted an after-workout video and the reality star looked buff according to many of his social media fans. His fans are also saying, however, that his eyes appear to be blackened and swollen if you look closely at the video (see above) - as if he's recovering from a facial injury.

But the image is not entirely clear - it could just be a shadow.

Here's a screenshot:


Prior to this, Stevie had shared some positive energy with his Instagram followers recently, giving them advice as to how they could keep their relationships strong. This comes after his wife Faith Evans allegedly attacked him during a fight. 

"Put a smile on your face every morning. If you don't have smiles all day, if you're not happy and it's all negative, then it ain't gon' work. Positivity is everything, love is everything."

Stevie J, 48, is a DJ, record producer, and television personality. One of the most successful record producers of the mid-to-late 1990s, Jordan won a 1997 Grammy Awards for his work on Puff Daddy's debut album No Way Out and produced for a number of artists including Mariah Carey, Tevin Campbell, The Notorious B.I.G., 112, Jodeci, Faith Evans, Jay-Z, and Eve.

He gained international stardom when he starred on the VH1 reality series Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.