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The second episode of The Real Blac Chyna has aired on Zeus, and fans cannot get over Tokyo Toni's sense of entitlement and toxic parenting.

Episode two showed the aftermath of Chyna's epic showdown with Toni, who is still fuming with Chyna - and vents to her bodyguard, calling Chyna every name under the sun.

Chyna's pals then decided to step in and try and repair the damage, but Tokyo does not get along with Chyna's best friend, Treasure - and calls her a bad influence on her daughter. Tokyo tells Treasure that if she were a good friend, Chyna would not be fighting all the time.

No disrespect but... Chyna clearly gets her temper from her mother. In reality television, we're used to seeing disputes between parents and their children, but nothing comes close to the way that Tokyo unleashes on her daughter.

Here are some of the reactions on Twitter: