Diddy Blocks Lizzo From Twerking But Allows Draya - Twitter Responds!!


Diddy celebrated Easter Sunday by hosting a dance event on Instagram Live called Team Love Dance-A-Thon - but he is being slammed by Twitter after he stopped Lizzo from twerking- mid-twerk - but allowed Draya to continue her raunchy dance.

Diddy and his sons, Quincy and rapper King Combs, were dancing along with Lizzo on Live. Diddy was off-camera for a brief moment, and Lizzo then proceeded to bend over and start twerking.

(See video above)

When Diddy realized what was happening, he quickly rushed to the screen and informed Lizzo that it was a family event and that there would be no twerking on Easter Sunday.

She apologized and kept the remainder of her moves PG.

Several other high profile celebrities joined Diddy, including ex Jennifer Lopez and her fiance Alex Rodriguez, Justin Bieber, LeBron James, DJ Naomi Campbell, D-Nice, DJ Khaled, Snoop Dogg and Vin Rock.

Twitter responded and said that Diddy was being a hypocrite as he allowed Draya to twerk on his Instagram Live and neither stopped her nor brought up Easter Sunday as an issue.