Twitter Says LeBron James Was Engaged To The Real's Adrienne Baillon!!


Did you know that Adrienne Baillon and LeBron James were engaged? Neither did we. But there's a very interesting rumor circulating on Twitter that LeBron and The Real talk show host were engaged at one point in time.

The rumor started yesterday on Twitter when one tweeter posted information from the website That website chronicles the dating lives of various celebrities.

Here's what the website says:

Adrienne Houghton and LeBron James were engaged for two months. They dated for 7 months after getting together in May 2003. They were engaged in Dec 2003 but later separated in Feb 2004.

The website also posted a quote, supposedly from Adrienne. Here's the quote:

Adrienne Bailon 18, of teen pop group 3LW and Lebron James 19 Basketball Rookie Phenom, called it quits after Lebron confessed to cheating on her with over fifteen women. "He'd cheated on me before with one person, an actress, (our sources tell us the sultry Meagan Goode) but he told me that he loved me and she "seduced" him into it.", said Bailon recognizably holding back tears. The two had been dating for nine months and James reportedly bought her a $150,000 platnium and diamond ring which she sports on her ring finger. " I just cant believe he cheated on me so many times with so many people", she continued. " I was loyal to him throughout our entire relationship, and thats the thanks I deserve, that's ****". Adrienne found out about Lebrons unfaithful liaison when he came home with the stench of another woman's "nether region". "I found out on Valentines Day of all the days in the year Valentines day. I smelled it, and he couldn't even look me in the eye and tell me I was wrong.However,I wish him well in the future, because he'll never find someone who loved him like I did". 

So is there any truth to this report? Probably not - but we can't say for certain.

Lebron James entered the NBA in June 2003, and at the time he was dating his current wife Savannah James. And while LeBron was only 18 at the time, and his relationship with Savannah wasn't what it is now - it's unlikely that he would have gotten engaged to another woman.

Also, MTO News did a bit of digging, and we haven't found a source for the quote from Adrienne, other than a message board.