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Kanye West was spotted out shopping - and many are suggesting that he's starting to resemble the comedienne Lunell.

Kanye was spotted out yesterday showing off his new pink hair color as he left a studio in Woodland Hills, California.

Yeezy is definitely looking THICKER. And with that hair, he and comedienne Lunelle seem to share the SAME DRIP.


Folks on Twitter immediately noticed the resemblance. Kanye and Lunell memes have been circulating all morning.

Lunell was spotted doing some last minute Christmas shopping yesterday in Los Angeles.


Kanye West is working on a new album, after his last album did less than stellar numbers.

Kanye's career has been in a tailspin, ever since he announced that he supports president Donald Trump, and his racist policies.

Many longtime Kanye fans have stopped supporting him, and the popularity of his Yeezy sneakers has fallen dramatically.

This past weekend Kanye West was also allegedly in the Bay Area this weekend being pulled on a bicycle.

The rapper posted a video to Twitter early Saturday evening in which he announced he was in San Francisco. The video showed him and another person being pulled by a bicyclist and riding down a busy street.

"Yo, we in San Fran," he said. "I'm on the May Bike. Ya'll got the Maybach, I'm on the May Bike, ah, look at that!"