Just five years ago Instagram model, Cubana Lust, was one of the most sought after Instagram models in the world.

Today she's trending all over social media because folks on Twitter found mugshots of a woman named Yolanda Cuellar, who was recently arrested on drug and paraphernalia charges.

Cubana Lust's real name is Yolanda Cuellar, so many believe it's her - and if it is her - times have certainly changed.

Here are the recently released mugshot pics of 36-year-old Yolanda Cuellar, who was arrested twice in south Florida:


And by comparison, here are pics of Cubana Lust. Upon close inspection of the facial features of the woman in all the images, it could be the same person. 

But there is one noticeable difference - in the below pics of Cubana Lust, she does not have a large neck tattoo. She does however have a small neck tattoo on the same side - of her ex-boyfriend's name. So it's possible the new larger tat could be a coverup of the smaller one.