Twitter Says Beyonce Got Butt Surgery After Video Leaks: 'Bey Got A BBL'


Beyonce recently underwent a Brazilian butt lift, according to folks on Twitter.

While most of Hollywood runs to the plastic surgeon at any sign of aging, Beyonce was always the ONE celebrity that was pretty much 100% natural.

But recently, many fans are questioning whether Beyonce is still holding true to her old values and mores.

Many recent pics show Beyonce with abnormally protruding hips. And others show Bey with a large and high butt. Both are features of women who underwent Brazilian butt lift., or a "BBL" for short.

A Brazilian butt lift is a popular surgical procedure where a doctor liposuctions fat from a woman's midsection, and injects it into her butt. The surgery leaves a woman with a flat tummy, and a big butt - and uses no implants or foreign objects.

And that's exactly the surgery that Twitter feels that Bey underwent.

Here are the videos that got people talking:

And here are the folks on Twitter. Even members of the Beehive are saying that Bey got the surgery:

A limited supply of clothes and shoes from Beyoncé's new Ivy Park x Adidas retail line dropped at noon on Friday - hours ahead of its scheduled Saturday release date - and started a social media frenzy. The #IvyParkXAdidas hashtag made it to at least #3 on Twitter's top 10 trending topics in the United States during the day.

The pop star has been posting photos teasing the brand's launch for more than a week. Her notoriously passionate fans - known affectionately as the Beyhive - tweeted non-stop during the afternoon about the new sports apparel after the beloved celeb shared new photos and videos of herself wearing the gear on her Instagram account.