Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson has a gorgeous new girlfriend - and she's very happy with him. So happy that she went on Instagram yesterday, to make sure that everyone knows it.

She's a gorgeous woman - and people on social media are pointing out that she bears a striking resemblance to Steve Harvey's daughter Lori. Lori is currently dating another mogul herself - Sean "Diddy" Combs.

It appears that nowadays, the "Lori Harvey" look is the new preferred look of rich and successful men in entertainment.

50 Cent brought his new love interest - Jamira - to the Power Premiere and to his Tycoon Pool party. It's a pretty big deal for 50 to bring a girl to an event with him - so she's gotta be something special to the mogul.

She went on Instagram yesterday to tell the world how happy she is - and to thank people for supporting her new relationship.


She also posted some pics from 50's Tycoon Pool party, and the Power premiere:


The beautiful Jamira is a model and fitness instructor and she has tons of workout videos on Youtube. She's also working towards her law degree.

Here are pics of the gorgeous model:

And for comparison - here's Lori Harvey: