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New images were released this morning of actress Paula Patton having dinner with some of her friends in Malibu this past weekend. But, in the images, there was something different about the slender Hollywood actress.

By the looks of things, Paula seems to have finally "grown a butt" at least according to Twitter.

Paula, who used to be married to R&B singer Robin Thicke, has always been known as a skinny minnie, and not particularly curvy. But she was also known for her athleticism - and has the reputation of working out daily.

It appears now that all the working out has paid off. The Hollywood beauty seems to be fitting her jeans a little better and is sporting a few extra curves.

Here are the pics that have people talking.


For comparison, here's what Paula looked like just last year:


Paula is an actress and social activist. She made her feature film debut in the 2005 comedy Hitch, and had starring roles in the films Déjà Vu (2006), Precious (2009), Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011), 2 Guns (2013), and Warcraft (2016).

Paula Patton married Robin Thicke in 2005 and they had a son together in 2010. The couple split after nearly nine years of marriage and their divorce was finalized in 2015.

During a 2017 custody battle, Paula levied against Thicke allegations of domestic violence and child abuse. She also said that during the course of their marriage he was unfaithful and addicted to drugs.