Usher Throws Fake Dollars At Strip Club; Twitter Roasts Him!!


Usher trended on Twitter Monday after he allegedly threw fake dollar bills with his face on them at a strip club in Las Vegas.


"What a shame that celebs are being that disrespectful to come into the club and paying with counterfeit money @usher you should be ashamed as an entertainer to come in a club where the job of the women working is to entertain you," stripper Giselle Marie wrote.

A woman called beel0ove on Instagram posted pics of the fake money to her private account Monday. A friend of hers then shared it, tagging the strip club, Sapphire Las Vegas. And the "Ush Busks" went viral.


Sapphire's director of marketing, George M. Wilson, appeared to dispute the claims and blamed the fake cash on a member of his entourage.

He told Page Six, IV "Usher was a true gentleman and a great guest at the club. He and his crew converted thousands of real dollars to tip the girls dancing on the stage," and "left a generous tip for the staff!"

"Apparently someone in his team left some Usher dollars on the floor to promote his Vegas residency," Wilson continued. "That is where it seems the confusion came in. But real actual cash was used for tips. We would love to host him again."