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We knew the final episode of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashian's was not going to go down well for Khloe Kardashian, and Twitter has been roasting her since the show's final episode in defense of Jordyn Woods.

Khloe wept in front of the cameras, telling her family that she is "f*cking tired" of *fucking losers," - which did not sit well with her younger sister, Kylie Jenner:

"We're bigger than this — we're better than this," Kylie told Kim in response to Khloe's social media shenanigans. "The singing and the internet stuff, it's just not okay … We don't need to bully somebody."

While the other sisters didn't seem to be torn up about Jordyn being exiled from the clan, Kylie was clearly in pieces and seemed to stick up for her former bestie throughout the series.

Twitter once again, ripped into Khloe, who has a history of allegedly creeping around with other women's men: