Twitter Reacts To Terry Crews' Interview W/ Don Lemon

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Terry Crews won't stop talking about his dislike for Black Lives Matter and decided to take his controversial views to CNN's Don Lemon, where he doubled down on remarks he'd made on Twitter.

"Black people who are talking about working with whites and other races are viewed as sell-outs. They are called 'uncle toms,'" he whined to Lemon.

He then continued his rant, claiming that the arrogance of the Black Lives Matter movement would lead to Black supremacy.

"Black people need to hold black people accountable. This is black America's version of the #MeToo movement," he said -- later adding that Black neighborhoods that "are held hostage by people, who are literally running [them] with violence and then [claiming] that Black lives matter."

As you would expect, Black Twitter is tired of Crews' antics and proceeded to mercilessly drag him. No doubt, Crews will soon be hopping on another platform to double down on the remarks he made during this interview.