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Some people are just unlucky in love....

Clueless actress and former Fox News commentator, Stacey Dash, made headlines on Monday as word of her arrest for domestic violence spread like wildfire!

Stacey allegedly hit her new husband, Jeffrey Marty, to whom she has been married to now for a little less than a year. According to reports, Stacey got into a domestic dispute with Jeffrey and allegedly pushed and slapped him. When police officers arrived on the scene, they found Jeffry with marks on his arm and arrested Stacey.

Jeffrey is Stacey's 4th husband.

A source close to the actress later told TMZ she acted in self-defense and that Stacey's husband attacked first, attempting to choke Stacey and she defended herself. The friend also claimed that the marks on his arm were from her trying to get him off her while he was choking her and it was actually Stacey who called the cops.

Her manager is denying the reports, but most of what the source told TMZ can be backed up by the video arrest footage and audio of the 911 call.

Check out both below:

Here are a few reactions from Twitter: