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Viewers were left stunned on Monday night, as one of the fan favorites exited the show after a bizarre showdown with another contestant.

Last week, during Chris and Krystal's Bachelor Nation wedding. John Paul Jones confronted Derek over his feelings for Tayshia. 

According to JPJ, Derek's intentions towards Tayshia were not pure - and it's evident that JPJ is obsessed with Tayshia and will not allow her to move on and be happy with anybody but him.

Tayshia struggled with the intensity of JPJ's feelings:

 "I just feel bad. I just feel sad, that's all," Tayshia said, weeping. "I hate that I had this much power over his feelings. That hurts." 

Derek decided that all the drama was just too much for him, and he accepted defeat.

"Unfortunately for me, [friendship] is all I've been able to build," Derek told the rest of the group before leaving. "I'm actually going to head out now." 

"I love so many of you in so many ways. I just thank you all," he said before bursting into tears.

Here are some reactions on Twitter:

But what we want to know is - is Derek the next Bachelor? We think it's possible.