Love & Hiphop Safaree Creates An OnlyFans Account - Twitter Responds!!


Love & Hip Hop: New York star Safaree may be a newlywed with a newborn baby, but that did not stop him from setting up an OnlyFans account -- causing some on Twitter to be outraged.

"[] For my real fans & supporters let's get it," he tweeted.

Fans of Safaree were confused as to the creation of the account and thought it might have been a hoax, but the reality star himself confirmed that he does in fact have an OnlyFans account. He tweeted:

"Oh it's real deal Smiling face with haloSmiling face with halo send this to your ppl and tell em I sent it! []" he tweeted, adding, "[] and I'm being considerate through this pandemic with the price. So subscribe and let's get right!!."

After he confirmed the news was true, Twitter went to town on Safaree, and the memes started rolling in.

Should Safaree, a newly married man be showing off his junk on an x-rated website, or should people be fine with it if his wife, Erica Mena, doesn't mind?