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Twitter is in a frenzy after several outlets reported over the weekend that Tekashi 6ix9ine could be walking free from jail sometime this week.

According to OnSmash, the U.S. Federal Government, probation department, and the defense attorney have agreed to give 6ix9ine time served, and he could be released from jail in less than 72 hours.

"We talked to lawyers in the case on Friday," said OnSmash. ".... it's happening......"

We said it a few weeks back, it it looks as if Tekashi could be out of jail in time for Christmas.

Tekashi's close friend DJ Akademiks disputes the claims:

"He's suppose to be sentenced in 72 hrs though, for which most believe as per recommendations of probation dept n govt (prosecutors) he get TIME SERVED (immediate release).." he wrote On Twitter.

"He can still get up to 37 yrs.. however judges usually follow recommendations esp for those who cooperate."

See some of Twitter reactions to the news below.