Twitter Reacts To Reports Playboi Carter To Police Officer He Would 'F*ck' His Daughter!!

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Twitter was in uproar on Tuesday after reports circulated that rapper Playboi Carti reportedly told an arresting officer that he would "f*ck" his daughter.

A deputy pulled Carti over, and allegedly smelled weed. According to TMZ, the deputy says he asked Carti to get out, and Carti reportedly told the officer to take him to jail and said he didn't even care anymore.

The breaking news outlet also reports that Carti told him he'd "f*ck my daughter" and that he had a hot wife. He also allegedly said he didn't give a damn about his exotic sports car, cause he'd just buy another one anyway.

The rapper was booked for expired tags, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and failure to move over.

We wonder how his rapper girlfriend Iggy Azalea, feels about his words? Twitter could not believe what they had read. Here are just a few of the reactions.