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Kim Kardashian almost broke the internet yesterday, but not for stripping down, this time it was because of an interview in which she revealed that she was studying to become a lawyer.

Last summer, Kim took on a four-year apprenticeship with a San Francisco law firm. In California, you do not have to go to college to take the bar exam to become a lawyer. It only requires you to have "read the law" and her apprenticeship fulfills the requirements.

Speaking to Vogue, she said:

"The White House called me to advise to help change the system of clemency, and I’m sitting in the Roosevelt Room with, like, a judge who had sentenced criminals and a lot of really powerful people and I just sat there, like, ‘Oh, sh*t. I need to know more.’…I’ve always known my role, but I just felt like I wanted to be able to fight for people who have paid their dues to society. I just felt like the system could be so different, and I wanted to fight to fix it, and if I knew more, I could do more.”

And she's already passed her first test:

“First year of law school, you have to cover three subjects: criminal law, torts, and contracts. To me, torts is the most confusing, contracts the most boring, and crim law I can do in my sleep. Took my first test, I got a 100. Super easy for me. The reading is what really gets me. It’s so time-consuming. The concepts I grasp in two seconds.”

And the internet lost it!

Would you hire Kim as your lawyer?