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Kodak Black has been busy upsetting folks in the industry but his recent campaign against Young M.A had Twitter up in arms.

"Yo, y’all stop making Young M.A mad. That’s my dog!" Kodak says in a video of his IG Live session. "Don’t do that, baby. We gon' catch up. I just wanna be the homie. I just wanna be the forever homie in the cut, vibing...whenever you make up your mind up, I’m here. I’m talking about bae so cute!" he said on Instagram Live.

He then continued:

"I do a lot of stuff, but I do more good than I do bad and more people love me than hate me. I’m talking about, how you a girl but don’t want your p*ssy penetrated? How? Don’t be mad at me, 'cause I want you, baby. Don’t be mad at me!"

While some saw Kodak's comments as light-hearted banter, other as harassment and quickly jumped to Young M.A's defense:

Young M.A just wants all the drama to go away. She addressed the controversy once again. It seems that while social media is up in arms, she is not too fussed about Kodak's shenanigans.