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On Sunday night, Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers witnessed the epic fallout between Kenya Moore and her husband, Marc Daly, in front of the cameras and all of their castmates.

The episode, which according to PEOPLE, was filmed in September, just one day before they announced to the publication that they were going their separate ways. 

The incident took place at a benefit held by Marc in honor of the Black Man Lab, a charity that inspires young Black males by presenting them with examples of successful Black businessmen. 

Marc was clearly unhappy about the state of his marriage and the fact that cameras were present to capture it all:

"I hate it. I hate it. Everybody knows that," he said. "Save me from the drama."

"It's invasive," he snapped at Kenya. 

He the ordered producers to leave the event:

"Tell them that's it. They can't film forever. Tell them they got to wrap. … I'm giving you five minutes and then I'm gonna take care of it. If I come back down here it's going to be ugly. I don't give an F. End it. They're never gonna see me again after the event," he said.

"All of the couples seem to be happy, just enjoying each other so much, and I'm just really disappointed," a sad Kenya said at one point.

Here's what Twitter thought of Marc's behavior last night: